E-Net Announces Parallel Partition Level Apply Enhancement for DB2 Log Apply

Announcement Date: 06/15/2002

Announcement Date: June 15, 2002 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
E-Net Corporation is pleased to announce a significant enhancement, now Generally Available (GA), for its customers using the Log Apply for DB2 feature of E-Net's
Remote Recovery Data Facility

) product. The enhancement permits Log Apply to function at the partition (rather than table) level and thus reduce the elapsed time for data replication in certain high-volume partitioned environments.
This enhancement is provided in the form of a Program Temporary Fix (PTF), number JN00460, and is available to all customers as of June 15, 2002. This PTF can be obtained by contacting E-Net Technical Support or via the PTF download area of our Technical Support Self-Service site,
Parallel Partition Level Apply feature
To reduce the elapsed time required to replicate DB2 data changes from one site to another, E-Net has implemented Parallel Partition Level Apply within its Log Apply for DB2 product feature. This enhancement permits customers that replicate DB2 data residing in partitioned table spaces to apply the updates for a single object in parallel at the partition level.
Previously, updates for partitioned table spaces were applied on the target system in a single unit of work for the entire table or table space. Parallel Partition Level Apply now permits the updates to be applied by
number of parallel units of work (where
is the lesser of the number of apply threads defined using the NUMAPLY parameter or the number of partitions in the partitioned table space). Making better use of parallelism in this way may significantly reduce the elapsed time required to propagate changed data.
Early beta testing at one high-volume customer account showed a 40% reduction in elapsed time using this feature, enabling the customer to maintain satisfactory shadowing ratios even though the target system had significant resource constraints. [
The "shadowing ratio" is a metric that measures change propagation effectiveness; if two minutes' worth of changes occurring at the primary site are propagated in one minute at the remote site, then the ratio is 2-to-1 (2:1). In general, the higher the ratio, the better.
The Log Apply user interface also has been enhanced, permitting customers to easily enable this new feature on a table-by-table basis.
The partition-level apply enhancement cannot be enabled if the target table has any unique NPIs. It is E-Net's intention to remove this restriction in the future.
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