Cumulative Maintenance for RRDF V3.1.0, March 2015

Announcement Date: 04/02/2015

This is to notify you that E-Net has created an updated Cumulative
Maintenance File.

Please read this notice carefully. If you are not the person responsible
for the application of maintenance for E-Net products in your organization,
please forward this note to them.

The Cumulative Maintenance File contains all of the PTFs which are currently
posted on the E-Net Technical Support Web Site as of 2/20/2015. E-Net
recommends that customers apply all PTFs on this file, in order to have fixes
for all known problems.

Concurrent with the availability of the Cumulative Maintenance File, the latest
RRDF V3.1.0 Documentation is also available.

Both the Cumulative Maintenance File and the updated documentation for RRDF V310
are now available to be downloaded from our website ( You need a
user id and password to download from the E-Net website. Please contact technical
support if you do not have an id.

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